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Meet the Members of the Band

Bob Ringwald (piano, vocals, leader)
Bob is a multi-talented musician who has formed and led several bands including the Great Pacific Jazz Band in Los Angeles and the Fulton Street Jazz Band of Sacramento, California. From 1970-1973, he was the intermission pianist at Turk Murphy's famous San Francisco night spot, Earthquake McGoon's. From 1979 to 1995, he hosted and produced Bob Ringwald's Bourbon Street Parade, a weekly Jazz radio show on KCSN FM in Los Angeles. In 1998, Bob appeared in the movie Twice Upon a Time with his daughter, actress Molly Ringwald. In that year, he also rejoined the Fulton Street Jazz Band after a twenty-year absence. Bob returned as leader of the FSJB on October 28, 2005. On May 30, 2011 Bob was given the great honor of being named the Emperor of Jazz by the
Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society for the 39th annual Sacramento Jazz
Festival and Jubilee, (renamed the Sacramento Music Festival).  You may view Bob Ringwald's personal web site at

Photo of Bob Ringwald at the piano

Paul Edgerton (reeds)
Paul began playing the clarinet in the sixth grade, using Pete Fountain and Benny Goodman as early role models. He took up the alto sax in the ninth grade and tenor sax in high-school. It was at about this time that he discovered improvisation and was hooked. After attending North Texas State University, he earned a music degree from the University of Colorado at Denver. In Colorado, he played in Your Father's Moustache Band and the Hot Tomatoes Dance Orchestra. He spent a few years in Florida playing at Rosy O'Grady's and Disneyworld before moving to Sacramento in 1995, where he joined the Wooden Nickel Jass Band until they disbanded in 2002. Paul joined the Fulton Street Jazz Band in 2003.
Photo of Paul Edgerton on the Sax
Bob Williams (trombone)
Bob Williams, Trombonist Extraordinaire and the uncontested World's Most Modest Man, graduated from High School in Modesto California, way back in the 20th Century. While working as a bartender and Pizza Schlep at the Round Table Pizza on Tully Road, he met a friendly beer delivery man named Deck Hogin, from whom he learned about Traditional Jazz. Deck introduced Bob to the Stockton Jazz Society and hired him for some gigs in Modesto.

In 1988 or so, after several life missteps (not his last), Bob became involved with the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society. He formed the very popular Wooden Nickel Jass Band, which enjoyed considerable success on the festival jazz circuit during its 10-year existence.

Although Bob's favorite style is traditional jazz, he also performs quite competently in big bands, classical ensembles, rock bands, salsa bands, and jazz combos. He is classically trained, and while he might not "read fly sh*t," he reads surprisingly well and has an excellent game face; he makes it look like the mistakes were SUPPOSED to be there. Really, just a consummate professional.

Bob owns his own tuxedo. It's not pretty, but who's going to notice all the way up there on stage?

He becomes affable when you buy him a beer.

Bob has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society and as president of the organization. He Joined the Fulton Street Jazz Band in September of 2006
         Photo of Bob Williams playing the trombone
Darrell Fernandez (bass)
Darrell was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Active in the Hawaii jazz scene since 1975, Darrell has played with Herb Ellis, Trummy Young, Ernie Washington, and Dave Liebman. While in Hawaii, he performed in the Kool Jazz Festival and in various Honolulu jazz night- spots. Since moving to Sacramento in 1990, he has been a much sought-after bassist in local clubs and jazz festivals throughout the West Coast. Darrell joined the Fulton Street Jazz Band in 2004.
   Photo of Darrell Fernandez
Vince Bartels (drums)
Vince calls Baton Rouge, Louisiana his first home. His family moved to Wyoming, where Vince started his musical career when he was six. He was encouraged by his father, Hank, who was the original bass player with the Junior Dixieland Jazz Band, which became the Dukes of Dixieland. He played in Drum & Bugle Corps and the Salt Creek Jazz Band during High School. In 1976 Vince moved to Sacramento. He joined Fulton Street in 1978. Vince's sure hands and authoritative style provide the foundation for Fulton Street's powerful sound and drive.

  Photo of Vince Bartels Drummer
Bob Sakoi (trumpet)
Bob started his musical career playing in the Dixieland band at the Great America theme park, later working his way through college playing Latin music in clubs and on the radio. In 1977 he moved to Las Vegas and performed with headliners including Tony Bennett and Sammy Davis Jr. After an 18 year "retirement" Bob became involved in the Northern California traditional Jazz scene working with many local groups. He joined the Fulton Street Jazz Band in October, 2005.

Photo of Bob Sakoi with trumpet

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